Revolutionary Trust Bank is committed to your business

Protecting and growing your wealth

Our Relationship Team is committed to your organisation. We will take the time to understand your company and then provide financial solutions to help you achieve your goals.

We learn about your company and industry so that we can respond to, and even predict, your changing banking needs.

If we understand how you function, we can provide banking advice to assist with the specific aspects of your organization.

Commercial Property Finance

Unlike standard commercial property finance, which entails arranging financing and paying interest, Revolutionary Trust Bank’s Commercial Property Financing (CPF) solutions are Sharia-compliant, with either a rent payment or a profit charge.

Whether you are a professional developer, investor, or broker, Revolutionary Trust Bank will work with you to give the best real estate finance solution.

Our Commercial Property Finance team has extensive financing, structuring, and property knowledge, and as a commercial property client, you benefit from a personalized and bespoke service from your dedicated relationship manager, who is committed to providing you with a timely and professional response.